Quicklink TX Integrates Dante Audio IP technology

Quicklink Video Distribution Services has announced a strategic partnership with Audinate, a provider in digital media networking for the A/V, conferencing, public address and broadcast industries. The partnership enhances the Microsoft Skype TX experience delivered through the Quicklink TX product by adding in Dante Audio over IP connectivity.

Quicklink TX is a professional hardware solution powered by Skype TX software. Quicklink TX allows broadcasters, producers, engineers and studio managers to manage Skype video/audio for broadcast without the need to scan convert from a PC. An easy-to-use hardware and software combination that allows Skype video calls from anywhere in the world to be seamlessly integrated into any production.

Quicklink TX will ship with Dante Virtual Soundcard software pre-installed, allowing broadcaster to easily route high-quality digital audio streams over a standard IP distribution network throughout their production facility to other connected Dante enabled equipment.

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