RED steps towards live sports with SilverBack system link

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems’ SilverBack 4K5 transceiver, used to fully systemise any quad link (4K) camera on the market today, is now available (and is fully compatible) with the RED EPIC (with 6K DRAGON sensor) camera and REDCAST Module from RED Digital Cinema to support a variety of live and studio production applications around the world.

RED’s 6K DRAGON sensor can capture over 9x more pixels than HD. Its detail and impressive native exposure are claimed to eclipse 35mm film in both latitude and image density, enabling the user to capture HD/4K while simultaneously acquiring 6K raw data. To accommodate the higher resolution inherent with 4K, UHD and higher resolution images, the SilverBack 4K5 provides camera operators with power and five 3 Gb/s HD/SDI signal paths between the EPIC camera and the Base Station.

This combination gives camera operators a flexible design that provides all of the necessary communications, camera control, tally, data and other functions of a fully featured camera system. It also allows the user to interchange RED cameras with the same MultiDyne SilverBack transceiver, enabling signals to travel long distances over a SMPTE fiber cabling infrastructure.

“RED has really made a name for itself in the digital cinema market, where our products are also sold into. They now are having success in live sports and entertainment projects with their powerful single-sensor cameras,” said Frank Jachetta, president of MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems. “We’re happy to have a solution that pairs up so well with RED’s camera systems that w bring a very reliable, affordable solution to market and prove our value to a whole new range of customers.”

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