Riedel powers Pan American ceremonies

PRG has expanded its stock of Riedel’s RockNet digital audio network devices, 60 of which have been delivered for the opening and closing ceremonies of the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

One of the main challenges at the ceremonies of the Pan American Games 2011 is the long distance between the individual positions in the stadium, where up to 300 meters need to be bridged. Furthermore, the distant master control room, which is located on the first level of box suites in the stadium, also needs to be integrated.

The RockNet installation at the ceremonies consists of 56 various RockNet devices. The audio system, designed by Pat Baltzell, uses 158 channels of RockNet’s 160 channels. The system combines the PA drive system, inputs and monitor sends located at the two stages, the master control room and the audio house and monitor mix positions into one single network. RockNet fibre converters bridge the large distance to the master control room. Furthermore, a total of six digital Yamaha mixing consoles are equipped with RockNet-Interface cards fully integrating them into the RockNet infrastructure. Although in most cases the audio cabling is adjacent to the lines for electrical power, lighting dimmer cables and hundreds of other video and signal distribution cables, there are no interferences or noise bleeds into the audio network.

Because of RockNet’s flexible network approach, the programming and routing of the network can be changed and modified on the fly with just a mouse click, without the need of pulling additional wire around the stadium.

To synchronize the pyrotechnic elements, the automated scenery and other show related control operations, RockNet distributes the SMPTE & FSK time-code that is generated in the audio playback room throughout the stadium. Due to RockNet’s digital network approach there is no bleed of the time-code signal to the adjacent channels.

The control over the whole network, including potential last minute re-routes and changes is realized via Riedel’s RockWorks software.

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