Road Productions makes further DiGiCo investment

From left to right: James Gordon (DiGiCo MD), Sander Krowel and Jaap Pronk (TM Audio)Netherlands: Meanwhile, over in the corporate event, theatre, one-off events, and concert touring markets., Road Productions is adding to its console inventory with the purchase of a DiGiCo SD8 and SD11.

Road Productions is a key player in the Dutch rental market, working with singers such as Frans Bauer and his live band, and Trijntje Oosterhuis, the latter playing in multiple setups with a band, tape, a small combo in large rooms, small rooms, theaters and small auditoriums. Owner, Sander Krouwel, insisted on having audio quality available at all levels and in every room, and he has once again turned to DiGiCo to provide this for him.

As a satisfied DiGiCo user, Sander invested in a DiGiCo SD9 in 2010, but with the market expanding in the smaller and larger jobs, and seeing the range of consoles now available at TM Audio’s seminars this year, he decided to make an additional investment in a DiGiCo SD8 and, for the smaller productions, an SD11.

“Our acts are very satisfied with this guarantee of great sound quality on every production,” he says. “We can now provide the same sound quality and flexibility, whatever the size of the event.”

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