Ross Video outlines new disruptive routing and signal processing platform

Ross Video has announced that it is to launch a new 144×144 version of Ultrix, the routing and signal processing platform, at the CABSAT Conference and Exhibition in Dubai later this month.

Ultrix-FR5 delivers a full-featured routing platform with integrated MultiViewers and FrameSyncs in an extremely compact 5RU chassis. While this footprint is impressive, offering considerable space and cost savings, it is the software defined nature of Ultrix that is the real disruptor. The ability to change and update functionality via software license means Ultrix customers only buy what they need, when they need it. Installs and strikes occur with a fraction of the cost and time associated with competitive throwaway hardware solutions.

“Broadcasters are extremely conscious of spend in the current climate and want reassurance that any investment in products now will not be compromised by changes in technology. Ultrix provides that security – broadcasters can simply turn on additional features and upgrade as required,” said Todd Riggs, Business Development Manager, Infrastructure, Ross Video.

The first version of Ultrix redefined the role of a router in a production workflow and, with the addition of this new 5RU product, Ultrix is poised to capture even more of the market. Utilizing 12G chipsets throughout the entire router, it allows users to switch anything from 270 Mb/s, to single link 12G UHD signals all within the same chassis, providing a very simple path for customers to migrate all or part of their facilities to UHD production. Its internal architecture uses a new, FPGA based design throughout, allowing customers to add software defined processing capabilities such as MultiViewers, FrameSyncs and others by ordering software licenses. No special hardware is required, providing users with welcome flexibility.

Key features include:

·      Software Defined. No special hardware or boards required for advanced functionality allowing unprecedented flexibility.

·      Compact. Up to 34×34 in 1RU, 72×72 in 2RU, 144×144 in 5RU makes it the most compact routing and signal processing platform in the industry.

·      Ultrimix. Software enabled audio fabric allows users to route, process and mix a combination of over 30002 channels of both embedded and discrete audio as standard.

·      Ultriscape. Software enabled MultiViewers. Up to 24 independent MultiViewer heads in 5RU, each head supports 100 unique PiPs, with access to all video sources in the router.

·      Ultriclean. 12Gb/s video clean/quiet switch. Available on every output of every frame.

·      Ultrisync. Software enabled video FrameSync and embedded audio SRC. Can be purchased on every input.

·      Fast. Complete 12G router family.

·      Ultrispeed. Software enables all ports of the router to 12Gb/s. 1 Terabit of bandwidth per RU.

Ultrix-FR5 joins Ross’ fast-growing Software Defined Production (SDP) portfolio that also includes Gator, Raptor and Newt.

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