RT Software strikes Pose for tOG-Sports

Realtime 3D broadcast graphics developer RT Software has launched a new Posed Players feature for its tOG-Sports telestration system. Using Posed Players, the tOG-Sports operator can freeze at any point of sporting action and create 3-D posed models of the players to replicate the real camera view in a virtual stadium. It is then just a click to zoom to a different Point of View from any angle — making it ideal for explaining tactical plays or to review contentious decisions, perhaps from the referee or linesman’s view.

Fast turnaround is achieved through use of a database handling the player’s attributes such as kit, physical build and skin tone, even boot colour. The choice of base pose can be taken from a series of animations, such as walking or running to allow a close approximation of the real player pose to be selected quickly. If it is required to match the real video more precisely the operator can then fine-tune each joint with rotations in each axis.

“What sets tOG-Sports Posed Players apart from other systems is how quick and easy it is to create a realistic and closely matched Posed Player scene,” said Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director of RT Software. “Our tOG-Sports customers tell us that if they can’t get something to air quickly, then the impact is lost. It is also perfect for studio shows — we are rendering this live so presenters can use this interactively with a touchscreen or tablet while on air.” Posed Players is included in the newly released version 4.6 of tOG-Sports Pro, with upgrades available for existing customers.

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