RT Software’s Tactic Pro v6.0 makes Next Gen Analysis possible for sports broadcasters 

RT Software has released Tactic Pro v6.0 and leveraged several AI-powered features to give a lightning fast workflow for creating sports analysis, making a whole new generation of more in-depth sports analysis possible.

Dubbed Next Gen Analysis, this gives sports broadcasters the ability to explain visually the more complex aspects of game play via a more sophisticated use of graphics. Crucially, AI is leveraged so that graphics analysis that traditionally would be too time consuming to contemplate on matchday, can now be turned around in moments.

These more in-depth explainer sequences are commonplace with analysts in the sports professional workplace (clubs, associations, national teams). This is a market where Tactic has a large user base and many years of experience. RT Software believes that Tactic v6.0 and its Next Gen Analysis capabilities means this type of analysis will now find a home on mainstream broadcast sports programmes.

“Over the years we have seen firsthand how sports analysts create amazing explainer sequences using our graphics,” commented Luke Harrison, product manager, RT Software. “We have longed for the day we could make it possible for turnaround times to fit in with broadcaster’s needs. Tactic Pro now delivers that option and we hope to see a whole new generation of sports analysis evolve from this.”

To make Next Gen Analysis possible, Tactic Pro uses AI to automate keying, camera tracking, pitch alignment and video-based player tracking. This file-based workflow is described as “load and go” and the system is said to be ready to start laying down even the most complex analysis graphics within seconds.

Specifically, the automatic player tracking is the real enabler for Next Gen Analysis. Sequences that require keyframing multiple objects and linking several graphic tools together now simply require a few clicks of the mouse to set up and are completed in moments. This means in-depth analysis graphics are possible in a fraction of the time it takes on traditional products and can be delivered within the tight turnaround times dictated on matchday.

One of the additional benefits of this is that the traditional circles, arrows, player trails, shafts of light and so on can now be achieved more easily and turned around more quickly – meaning the operator’s job is simplified.

“We do see this as a game changer,” continued Harrison. “So we have decided to make it readily accessible to all rights holders and sports broadcasters with Tactic Pro pricing starting at £9,995pa.”


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