RTVA moves historical archive to the Cloud with VSN technology

VSN’s technology, together with the Cloud services from Andorra Telecom company, has allowed Andorra’s public broadcasting company to move its entire historical archive to the Cloud, in order to preserve and store all the TV channel’s files in a more secure and controlled place. This new service implemented at the RTVA facilities came onstream in mid-January 2017.

The public corporation Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra (RTVA) has bet on VSN’s technology to bring to the Cloud its historical archive, where the channel has preserved and stored all its audiovisual files to date. Thanks to VSN’s technology, together with the private Cloud service offered by the telecommunications company Andorra Telecom, RTVA has expanded its already owned VSNEXPLORER MAM solution to automatically control and store all audiovisual files in both its physical archive and in the Cloud at the same time.

Thanks to this new expansion of VSNEXPLORER MAM, the channel is now able to digitize and preserve all its historical archive in a more secure and controlled environment within Andorra Telecom Cloud service, in case the channel suffers an unexpected content loss. Moreover, this new system allows users to retrieve all the content saved in the archive and work with it in a quicker and more efficient way, allowing even to preview all the videos stored and work with them in low resolution.

“The digitisation of historical archives is an unavoidable task for television and radio channels alike, not only for obvious reasons of security and conservation, but also for the monetization of all the audiovisual files owned by these companies,” says VSN’s COO, Aaron López. “The most valuable asset that media companies possess is certainly its historical archive, and at the end of the day we also need to ease the access to all this content as much as we can for all professionals. This way, they will be able to work and reuse this content as many times as they want.”

To date, RTVA has been working with VSN systems for almost 20 years to achieve 100% digital and automated newsroom. In particular, the channel had installed in the past a complete end-to-end system, comprising software for news production, VSNMULTICOM solution for continuity automation, VSNCREATV for programming scheduling and VSNXEPLORER MAM exclusively for file archiving and continuity tasks.

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