Sennheiser launches MKH 8030 figure-of-eight RF condenser microphone

Sennheiser’s MKH 8030 RF condenser microphone with figure-of-eight pick-up pattern is available now. The mic not only unlocks M-S, double M-S and Blumlein stereo recording options, but is also suitable wherever the highest attenuation of neighbouring sound sources is required – be it a PA system whose sound needs to be eliminated or an adjacent instrument that must not be picked up.

According to Sennheiser, the sound signature of the MKH 8030 has been carefully engineered to blend in harmoniously with the sound of the existing MKH 8000 series microphones.

“We are thrilled to finally launch the MKH 8030, a microphone that the MKH user community has been anticipating for quite a few years,” said Kai Lange, product manager professional, wire-bound, Sennheiser. “The extremely compact 8030 is ideal for field recording, sports and general broadcasting, theatres, orchestral recordings and studio music.”

The MKH 8030 joins the MKH 8020 (omni-directional), MKH 8090 (wide cardioid), MKH 8040 (cardioid), MKH 8050 (super-cardioid), MKH 8060 (short shotgun, super-cardioid/lobar) and MKH 8070 (long shotgun, lobar) RF condenser microphones. Also part of the family is the MKH 800 Twin, a dual-capsule microphone whose pick-up pattern can be seamlessly adjusted at the mixing desk during recording, or even after the actual recording during post-production.

Their RF condenser principle and the symmetrical capsule design endows MKH 8000 series microphones with a combination of advantages, including sensitivity paired with durability in adverse climatic conditions, wide frequency response, a fully floating, balanced output signal, low self-noise and a natural, coherent sound image with no off-axis colouration.

These features enable sound recordists and engineers to capture a sound event in its entirety and with all its intricate detail, with wide dynamics, extremely low distortion and a largely frequency-independent polar pattern.

“The MKH 8000 family are tools for creating natural sound of the highest quality and detail,” added Lange.

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