Severalnines kicks off online European football streaming

Severalnines, a database performance management provider, announced its latest customer, StreamAMG (Advanced Media Group), a UK-based pioneer in the field of bespoke online video streaming and content management. StreamAMG is Europe’s largest player in online video solutions, helping football teams such as Liverpool FC, Aston Villa, Sunderland AFC and the BBC keep fans watching from across the world.

Analysts predict that 90% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2019. This poses a challenge to streaming providers, both in terms of the amount of online video data to handle and the variety of ways the content is consumed. Customers expect a seamless viewing experience across any device on any operating system. Downtime, lag or disturbances to streaming can have serious repercussions for customer loyalty. Streaming providers should provide a secure and reliable media platform to maintain the interest of fans and attract new viewers, casting database performance in a starring role.

Founded in 2001, StreamAMG builds bespoke solutions for its customers to host and manage online video content. Its software delivers the high-availability needed for on-demand streaming or live broadcasting on any device. Loss of customer trust and damage to brand reputation are likely consequences of database failures, especially for those companies which operate in the online sports, betting and gaming industries.

Growing at 30% year on year required StreamAMG to have a scalable IT system to meet new customer demands and to maintain its leadership position in the market. StreamAMG reviewed its database performance as part of its IT infrastructure renewal project for to encompass new online channels, such as social media, and embedding marketing analytics to help its customers better understand and react to customer behaviour. It needed a solution to monitor and optimise its database management system and the detailed metrics to predict database failures.

After reviewing options provided by Oracle and AWS, amongst others, StreamAMG chose Severalnines to help future-proof its databases. The previous environment, based on a master-slave replication topology, was replaced with a multi-master Galera Cluster; and Severalnines’ ClusterControl platform was applied to automate operational tasks and provide visibility of uptime and performance through monitoring capabilities.

Thom Holliday, Marketing Manager StreamAMG, said: “With ClusterControl in place, StreamAMG’s flagship product is now backed with a fully automated database infrastructure which allows us to ensure excellent uptime. Severalnines increased our streaming speed by 76% and this has greatly improved the delivery of content to our customers. The implementation took only two months to complete and saved us 12% in costs. Expanding the current use of ClusterControl is definitely in the pipeline and we would love to work with Severalnines to develop new features.”

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