integrates Zixi for dynamic live graphics

Zixi has announced a partnership with and integration into the graphics solution that empowers customers to integrate live, customisable graphic overlays into their content with ease and scalability. The web-based platform eliminates the need for downloads, specialised hardware or intricate coding. offers a versatile and comprehensive suite that encompasses the creative authoring environment through Composer, user-friendly control interfaces with Studio and uno, as well as open, well-documented APIs and SDKs for developers to leverage. Its flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model and a cloud-native technology stack ensures not only limitless scalability but also industry-leading reliability.

A notable integration within the Singular ecosystem is its collaboration with Zixi, which empowers customers to incorporate’s graphic overlays into their video content during the transportation and transcoding phase through the Zixi infrastructure. This integration is characterised by its efficiency, as it incurs no delays or the need for additional hardware investments, providing a cost-effective method for localising or enhancing content.

Zixi’s Live Transcoding platform offers a wide range of control and management options, including web interface, REST API, or via Zen Master orchestration, management and monitoring control plane. Zen Master is designed to make it easy to manage inputs and outputs for hundreds of live video streams at scale, and with just a few clicks and automatic configuration details for network resources and distribution targets, users can create new live channels and spin up required streams on the fly. Zixi’s live transcoding and video processing in IP ensures that live events, such as sports broadcasts, news coverage and live entertainment are delivered securely and with minimal delay to a wide range of viewers across various devices and network conditions.

“We are thrilled to have integrated Zixi to deliver broadcast-quality graphic overlays with ultra-low latency,” said Mike Ward, head of marketing, Singular. “With no downloads or dedicated graphics hardware required, our joint customers have the flexibility to scale with minimal cost.”

“Some of Zixi biggest customers are deploying next-generation workflows that require adaptive and interactive overlays,” said John Wastcoat, SVP BD and marketing, Zixi. “With the integration they are able to do it with ultra-low latency, remotely for ease and cost savings.”

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