Sisvel to highlight 3D Tile Format2 at European Forum on Digital TV

At the 2011 European Forum on Digital TV, Sisvel founder Roberto Dini will initiate the 3D Village, a collaboration of partners involved in 3D broadcasting. The 3D Village will provide a forum for content providers, manufacturers, researchers, and broadcasters delivering 3D services. 3D Village partners include early adopters of Sisvel Technology’s 3D Tile Format2, such as QuartaRete TV, Città Digitali, and Astra.

Sisvel’s new 3D Tile Format2 formats stereoscopic images by integrating two 720p frames within a single 1080p frame. According to Sisvel, this provides better quality images for 3D content, and maintains backward compatibility, allowing viewers not equipped for 3D to view the transmission as 2D images. The reconstructed right and left images maintain their original 720p spatial and temporal resolution, giving viewers of both versions the original picture. In addition, the transmission of both 2D and 3D can be achieved without the need for increased bandwidth.

The European Forum on Digital TV will be held on June 9-10 in Lucca, Italy.

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