Solid State Logic debuts Sigma δelta at AES New York show

At AES New York 2015 Solid State Logic is announcing Sigma δelta, a significant upgrade to the Sigma Remote Controlled Analogue Summing System. The new upgrade introduces three new features that facilitate full simultaneous tri-directional control of the Sigma analogue hardware.

SSL’s δelta-Control (δ-Ctrl) software is now available for Sigma bringing a new elegance to DAW automation workflow with Sigma. A completely new cross platform (iOS, Android, Mac or PC) Remote Control App expands on the feature set of Sigma’s V1 Browser with the addition of direct Level and Pan control making the Sigma SuperAnalogue mix engine and monitor switcher fully remote controllable via software running on a range of networked devices.

New direct control via MCU using MIDI over Ethernet is added to enable SSL’s Nucleus controller and Sigma to be used together as a standalone rack mount line mixer with remote hardware control without the need for a computer or Remote Control App to be running. When all three control systems are in use, changes on one are reflected across all three interfaces.

SSL’s Sigma brings the analogue joy of mixing on an SSL console into a DAW dominated workflow. Using identical SuperAnalogue technology to SSL’s large format consoles Sigma provides SSL grade summing, versatile insert & dual mix buss architecture (to streamline applying analogue processing within your DAW signal flow) and a studio monitor switcher & talkback system.

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