Stats Perform launches AI-powered PressBox for faster data-driven insights

Stats Perform has unveiled PressBox, an all-in-one online platform that brings data-driven insights, video clip discovery and data research more quickly than ever before.

Sports media organisations face a challenge of producing high-quality analysis, graphics, video and more within moments during a live event. PressBox addresses these challenges by compiling the most impactful tools all in one place, powered by Stats Perform’s sports data. PressBox users can create a unique fan experience by supercharging production efforts, reducing time to insight and enriching commentary.

“Key narratives which might have taken researchers 10 crucial minutes to uncover are served in mere moments to PressBox users,” said Stats Perform chief product and marketing officer Nancy Hensley.

Alongside the release of the PressBox platform are two new Stats Perform applications on the PressBox platform – PressBox Live and PressBox Video.

PressBox Live is a real-time sports media dashboard that provides detailed player and team statistics, insights and new AI-powered metrics to tell a deeper sports story. The dashboard includes a live feed that surfaces insights as fast as the action occurs, reducing manual research time; advanced metrics such as live win probability and expected goals that adjusts constantly with the action; and graphics and visualisations that share information that is quicker to consume than traditional data tables. Live chat with Stats Perform’s research and editorial staff is also integrated.

PressBox Video is a personal video content assistant designed to transform the conventional video clip discovery, editing and publishing process. It features a massive selection of sports video, with access to more than 10 years of archive footage; in-app, cloud-based video editing software to speed delivery and customise video content; and an intuitive search functionality to find the right clip at the right time. Personalised content preferences that automatically present the most relevant clips, and multiple video file formats and screen ratios that allow for video export compatible with most major broadcast tools and social media platforms, are also on offer.

The PressBox platform unifies PressBox Live and PressBox Video with Stats Perform’s other data and AI-driven applications providing the tools broadcast and media teams need to break stories faster. With single sign-on, PressBox provides the tools to access rich data, video and content powered by AI and predictions at users’ fingertips, helping production teams to boost productivity and allowing for large-scale content creation and quicker delivery to fans.


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