Streambox announces live 360 video streaming to YouTube

Combining Streambox Cloud Services with the beta release of the Cloud Encoder, 360 is designed to give users a simple solution to the complex problems involved with live 360 streaming. Streambox invites content producers to become beta testers and start streaming live 360 video now.

“Video streaming is a complicated process and 360 video adds another level of complexity with camera stitching, encoding, and streaming. What we are trying to do is make live 360 easy and affordable,” said Alex Telitsine, CTO of Streambox.

In order to make a live 360 stream easy to setup and use, the Cloud Encoder – 360 integrates real time lens distortion correction, video stitching, and compression, eliminating the need to purchase third-party software.

Streambox Cloud Encoder – 360 features automated network bonding technology that uses all available 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi, and internet networks for the highest bandwidth available. ACT-L3 compression ensures the highest quality video at the lowest possible bitrate for a consistent stream even in remote locations. The Cloud Encoder – 360 transmits to Streambox Cloud servers strategically located throughout the world, provide all users with a reliable and fast connection, no matter where they are.

Beyond eliminating the need for additional software Streambox built its live 360 streaming solution to work with hardware commonly available, cameras content producers already have, and a CDN that they are already familiar with to keep costs down and simplify the process.

The only hardware required is a Ricoh Theta S camera, BlackMagicUltraStudio Mini Recorder, and an Apple Macbook Pro. From Streambox Cloud the live stream is delivered straight to YouTube where users can view live 360 content on headsets, browsers, or apps. In the future, Streambox plans to support Facebook® live streaming and other social media web sites.

“If you want full 1080p30 quality and have a MacBook Pro,” said Telitsine. “You can start live 360 streaming for under $500!”

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