Synamedia brings intelligence to the CDN’s edge at NAB 2022

Synamedia has unveiled a new set of artificial intelligence-based (AI) traffic management features for its Edge CDN solution. These advanced capabilities are designed to transform the way video streams are delivered and enable new consumption experiences by simplifying the process of onboarding new services, all while delivering a fast return on investment.

Synamedia’s Edge CDN is a content delivery solution that enables full visibility and control over streaming video traffic, including the ability to scale up from 500Gbps to 5+Tbps, and back. It recently enabled such scaling during a European football match where 700,000 subscribers joined the streaming service in less than 40 minutes and moved on from the service in less than 20 minutes. The solution can intuitively address these rapid fluctuations due to its advanced AI-based traffic prediction mechanism, allowing service providers to provision the network to meet actual demand in real-time.

Edge CDN now features an AI module to predict the main CDN metrics in the next hour. By predicting traffic load, it can scale on-demand to address viewers’ video quality expectations as demand fluctuates. The elasticity of Synamedia’s offering makes the delivery process more cost-effective and efficient as the predictions direct servers to rev-up or slow down to adjust to the expected traffic volume. With Edge CDN’s real-time analytics and monitoring system, any gap between the actual and expected performance can be analysed and presented via preconfigured dashboards with report metrics for troubleshooting network anomalies.

“With continued global demand growth for streaming services for live and on demand content, now is the time to focus on more innovative, efficient and high-quality delivery capabilities,” said Elke Hungenaert, vice president, product management, Synamedia. “While there are many CDNs on the market, they are certainly not all created equal. Our Edge CDN is designed exclusively for video delivery. We bring content as close to the viewer as possible, helping simplify the process and more effectively manage network bandwidth and resources resulting in ROI streams that are plentiful and long-term.”




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