Telestream monitoring helps Firstlight Media deliver cloud-native, low latency live OTT services

Telestream is partnering with Firstlight Media to ensure comprehensive end-to-end quality monitoring of Firstlight Media’s cloud native, low-latency live OTT service. The solution combines Firstlight Media’s Gen5 architecture with Telestream’s fully automated monitoring to enable sports and entertainment services that combine the quality and reliability of broadcast with the agility and personalisation of digital.

Firstlight Media has created a cloud-native Kubernetes microservices-based architecture that supports an agile and scalable end-to-end platform. Operating on a customer’s cloud platform of choice, Firstlight delivers high-quality live, low-latency programmes to viewers. Benefits are said to include setup in 15 minutes or less of live streams via one-touch, automated deployment, a 10x reduction in cost using a serverless, containerised architecture, and reliability of more than 99.99%.

Telestream’s Inspector Live and Surveyor products enable Firstlight Media platforms to achieve effortless operations with granular Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics, resulting in a 50% reduction in overhead required to deploy OTT services.

“When we evolved earlier generations of OTT services, we worked closely with Telestream to achieve quality benchmarks,” said Prabu Chelladurai, VP product management, Firstlight Media. “Their enthusiastic support as we’ve led the industry’s shift to platforms based entirely in the cloud will help our customers achieve significant operational, market and business advantages while optimising QoS and QoE.”

With Telestream’s iQ quality monitoring at each stage in the process, cloud native streaming solutions are able to find and fix faults fast. By integrating Telestream iQ monitoring solutions into the technology stack, users get enhanced visibility from source acquisition through encoding to origin server output on a single dashboard. As SRT feeds enter the live headend, Telestream’s Inspector Live virtual containerised probes watch the input source quality while ensuring the encoder output is error free. Telestream’s Surveyor product continues to watch quality on the HTTP output side as ABR variants flow through the origin servers on their way out to the CDN. In addition, Telestream’s IVSM ASM provides the centralised management dashboard for a correlated service view.

“Without quality monitoring at every stage of of delivery, engineering and operations are effectively blind to any quality issues occurring in a cloud environment,” said Joel Daly, VP product management, iQ Solutions at Telestream. “We’re happy that Telestream’s iQ solutions can provide the visibility and confidence needed as part of this Firstlight Media live event solution.”

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