Tellyo issues new e-book on reaching sport fans during World Cup

Tellyo has announced the publication of an e-book about reaching sport fans during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The new guide starts from the basis that when it comes to the web Russia is a well-connected super power. It boasts the biggest internet nation in the whole of Europe; 76% of its citizens are online, which equates to nearly 110 million users.

According to Tellyo, Russia is a market probably unlike anything you know – where Facebook and Google are not the first choice for users; and where audiences still love Western brands and have a huge appetite for great video content.

For the current football tournamet in Russia the key to success is arguably VKontakte (VK) – Russia’s answer to Facebook. But what exactly is VK and why do Russians prefer it over other social channels? And how can you create a presence on VKontakte (VK) and get more followers for your brand?

To find out more download the Tellyo e-book here.

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