uniqFEED launches rebrand and new-look digital offering

Zurich-based virtual advertising company uniqFEED has unveiled a redesigned website along with a company rebrand.

The brand overhaul is intended to underline the evolution of the company from start-up to an established SME. While uniqFEED has retained its original company name and logo, the company has refreshed its colour palette and introduced a new font. It has also added a suite of dramatic sports-related images to its corporate identity toolkit and, most significantly, a fresh new company claim – virtual advertising made simple.

Virtual advertising, despite having made strides forward in the industry in recent years, is still considered a complex and costly technology to implement, often requiring additional hardware and intrusion on the production process. This perceived complexity and inconvenience can be off-putting to consumers. uniqFEED’s new claim challenges this assumption, reassuring clients that the company’s virtual advertising solution can be implemented simply and without disruption to their events.

uniqFEED has developed a virtual advertising solution that uses software only, meaning that there is no additional hardware required in the sports venue in order to deploy the technology. No camera adaptations or expensive specialised LED boards are required, uniqFEED works using just the camera signals from the event and its own software, operating downstream of production.

“What sets uniqFEED apart,” says CEO Roger Hall, “is the simplicity of our solution. While virtual advertising is not a simple technology, we have created a product which is easy to implement and deploy, reducing complexity for the customer. As we use a purely software-based approach, we can deploy on site or remotely, we can scale up the number of localised feeds and virtual augmentations, and we do this all with an incredibly light touch on production. Our vision is to offer the simplest virtual advertising solution to our clients and partners.”

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