Video browsing added to NOA’s mediARC WEB

NOA Audio Systems has added visual browsing of video content to its mediARC WEB (MAW) application. MAW allows any authorised mediARC user to search metadata, preview media assets, and distribute content towards the production platform.

MAW’s web browser based display now presents shot-detected previews of video content in the archive, allowing users to get a quick overview of the content, play through the timeline of video clips to access specific content, and identify in and out points required for the production. Selected clips can then be exported with MAW and re-transcoded on the fly to the desired target format using actLINE MediaButler.

mediARC WEB’s advanced content browsing features also include: phonetic search; semantic browsing; access to user-defined metadata models; search favorites; and player integration with marker display. The archive manager can restrict access to specific metadata categories for different groups of users. To assist the ordering workflow MAW includes a shop and basket system for personal orders, with a beneficiary concept based on CIFS share, FTP  and NOA RemoteFile-Agents.

“With the presentation of the shot-detected video in addition to sophisticated searches based on descriptive metadata, mediARC WEB users can now get straight to the content they want and quickly browse through it to find just the clips they need,” said Christophe Kummer, CEO of NOA Audio Solutions.

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