Vidi provides update for Russia’s RTC media network

Rostelecom (RTC) has selected Vidi to provide an update for RTR, the nationwide Russian media network.

RTC has updated 43 studios with Media Links MDP3020 equipment while its network management software has been updated to Vidi NMS 2.0.

The media network spans over 7000km, covering seven time-zones over the whole Russian territory. It connects nearly 100 regional and local studios all over Russia, with the headquarters located in Moscow.

RTR uses the media network for all communication needs between regional studios, including data connectivity, file transfer communication and the delivery of audio and video signals in different formats. The MDP3020 is able to provide the latest compression formats, which can be used to extend the existing network.

Vidi provided support in the planning phase of the upgrade, aiding the hardware pre-configuration, tests and shipment, plus offering remote support during the rollout and installation process. It also provided support during the operation itself.

Karsten Winterberg, chief technology officer at Vidi, commented: “It was a real challenge to provide an update on a running system without interrupting the service or the connectivity of the studios. Covering the whole network management over seven time-zones, with several network operation centres using Cyrillic script for Alias-Names, locations and labelling on the user interface was another challenge. With our Vidi NMS 2.0, we can solve all customer issues and even extra challenges presented by COVID can be managed.”

RTC representative Yaroslav Khodokovskiy added: “RTС has been using Media Links hardware supported by Vidi for years now. The Vidi NMS is well known to customers and highly rated because of its combination of flexibility, reliability and the possibility to integrate special needs of networks into the software. For us, there was no other choice than going also to the next stage of expansion with Vidi and Media Links.”

After successful finalisation of the first stage, the next steps are on hold at the moment due to COVID-19, but it is only a matter of time before Vidi continues the upgrade of the media network.

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