Vinten breaks new ground with compact robotic head

Vinten has unveiled Vinten Vantage, a compact robotic head that offers ultimate motion control and flexibility in the studio while enabling broadcast-quality video. “For years, Vinten has set the standard for high-end studio solutions and now with the Vinten Vantage we have created the solution for smaller, modern-day studios. This compact robotic head is the first product of its kind to offer superior on-air motion and embrace the new wave of small, high-quality cameras and lenses” said Karen Walker, VP for Product Management.

Designed to provide the best on-air movement, the Vinten Vantage enables high-end moving preset shots, smooth manual control and is also completely camera and lens agnostic. The Vantage supports a wide range of cameras as well as full-servo and manual lenses, enabling broadcast-quality images and high-production values. This new product now offers an ideal alternative to the traditional PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras as it uniquely allows the user to choose the best camera and lens for their application without limitations.

“The Vinten Vantage offers all of the capabilities of Vinten’s high-end studio solutions plus it supports the latest in professional camcorders from a variety of manufacturers like the Canon C100 or the Sony FS7. We are breaking new ground and offering enhanced image quality and superior motion control at the same price point of the traditional PTZ,” said Neil Gardner, Product Manager for Vinten Automation.

The Vinten Vantage also offers distinct benefits over traditional PTZ cameras including:

  • Continuous variable speed control and full synchronisation of any movement versus a traditional PTZ’s limited set of speeds
  • Flexible mounting positioning for any convenient or restrained location while PTZ’s are dictated by the fixed focal length range of the internal, non–interchangeable lens.

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