Vinten’s new wedge adaptor makes company 3D-ready

Vinten today says it is 3D ready with the launch of the company’s new 3D wedge, an adapter that balances rigs that cannot be mounted to a conventional head in a balanced position. It is designed to facilitate the proper balancing of under/through beamsplitter 3D rigs and allows more clearance for the under-slung camera, which increases the downward tilt available.

The new 3D wedge adapter offsets the head’s level position by a few degrees so the balance mechanism produces a back-torque when the camera is level, which enables the center of gravity of the payload to be forward of the tilt axis.

The company says the adapter gives users a flexible and cost effective solution as it integrates seamlessly with Vinten’s full range of heads. For OB customers looking to make their truck fleets dual purpose, the adapters allow the option of shooting in 2D and 3D without compromise, removing the need to replace their current inventory of Vinten heads.

To demonstrate its capabilities, the adapter is ideal with a Vector 950 system set up with a Stereotec Mid-Size Beam splitter. The Vector 950 is the highest capacity fluid head in the Vinten range and can easily handle the many possible camera system configurations for shooting in S3D. It balances heavy payloads and high centers of gravity with ease, and allows the user to maintain fingertip control over the entire tilt range. The Vector 950 also features the renowned Vinten TF drag system which enables outstanding whip pan control of these heavy, high inertia payloads. It gives operators the ability to focus on shot selection and composition, which is vital for today’s stereo production.

Peter Harman, Vinten’s product manager, says, “All of our adapters are designed to help improve the versatility and usability of Vinten’s products and this set up demonstrates how the new wedge adapter can help users to deliver 3D performance without compromising creativity. The wedge adapter is a significant addition to our extensive range of accessories, it is able to perfectly balance the often heavy payloads used in 3D broadcast and proves that Vinten is 3D ready.”

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