Whipping up a (Brain) Storm

Prominent at the entrance to Hall 2, Brainstorm Multimedia didn’t have too much to say for itself – mainly because other people (such as Avid, who incorporated its tech into the new Avid Motion Graphics platform) were doing it for them.

Indeed, the latest version of Brainstorm Multimedia’s eStudio was selected as the real-time 3D rendering technology for use in Avid Motion Graphics, while other products that run on the eStudio engine include Brainstorm’s own “On Demand”, a powerful application that enables easy playout of complex graphics templates in any combination, which is particularly useful for broadcasters who require more than a simple rundown system.

The company’s Easy On-Air Graphics, which features an intuitive toolset for live streaming based on building highly detailed, complex designs on pre-defined templates, has meanwhile been getting applause from IDS, who used it to generate all the broadcast graphics for this year’s Wimbledon Championships. “They say that no other product would be able to do this, especially in realtime,” says Brainstorm’s David Alexander.

Also on display was the latest version of the Aston 3D Character Generator (as used by the IAAF out in Korea at the start of the month) which promises that it includes the most intuitive character generation user interface on the market and also offers the advantages of ultra-fast, page-based graphics recall.

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