wTVision provides graphics for Basketball Champions League

wTVision has played a key role in the inaugural edition of the Basketball Champions League (BCL) Asia 2024, from FIBA, held in Dubai. The team was tasked with implementing the client’s graphic line, seamlessly integrating it with FIBA live stats and the scoreboard OCR to enhance the viewer experience throughout the competition.

This was the first time BCL Asia was held in the region, marking a significant milestone in the tournament’s history. The final phase of the event featured 16 games, and wTVision’s graphics solutions were instrumental in delivering a smooth and engaging broadcast.

wTVision’s integration with FIBA live stats ensured real-time updates and accurate information were consistently displayed, keeping fans informed and engaged. The scoreboard OCR integration further streamlined the process, allowing for precise and dynamic score updates that were crucial during the fast-paced matches.

The project underscored wTVision’s capability to handle large-scale, high-profile sports events with professionalism and technical expertise. Our team’s ability to integrate complex systems and deliver top-notch graphics helped elevate the overall production quality, contributing to a memorable and successful BCL Asia 2024.

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