Zixi and Verizon Business team to offer next-generation 5G M&E workflows

Zixi and Verizon have executed a co-sell agreement, coupling’s Verizon’s network infrastructure with Zixi’s live IP video software-defined solutions to deliver customer excellence for live linear and live event workflows across the media supply chain.

Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is a solution for provisioning, orchestrating and managing live video on 5G or any IP network and is deployed across the nodes of Verizon’s Multi-access Edge Compute (MEC) with robust network access and ultra-low latency for content acquisition and delivery, enabling a variety of use cases from business to consumer consumption at scale. Leveraging the modularity and flexibility of the SDVP, operations and engineering teams can quickly and reliably deploy live video routes that maximise the performance of 5G networks.

Users can now deploy Zixi Broadcasters using Zixi Zen Master and have access to comprehensive telemetry data on the network, transport, intra-cloud delivery and associated edge devices in the end-to-end workflow. The Zen Master control plane enables users to help manage large-scale configurations to orchestrate, analyse, monitor, alert and report on live video streams and devices across the Zixi Enabled Network of customers, integrated devices and platforms and service providers standardised on Zixi.

Workflows include advanced GPU accelerated live transcoding, Zixi-patented sequenced hitless failover, connection bonding over disparate networks, purpose-built live operations dashboards, enhanced visualisation, and centralised management of live channels and live events.

The partnership enables Verizon field sales to deliver to the customer base a software-defined solution set consisting of the Zixi Broadcaster, Zen Master control plane and Zixi Live Transcoding, allowing Verizon to extend the edge of its network and allow M&E clients to scale at compute, transmission and operational levels.

With this partnership, the companies are facilitating the media and entertainment industry migration to IP and cloud-based workflows and away from satellite and other legacy methods while maintaining or exceeding broadcast levels of Quality of Service (QoS) and performance SLAs with lower latency. This becomes critical as the number of business partners involved in the media supply chain continues to grow exponentially, and content owners compete for audience share and drive new business models that innovate the programming lines of monetisation while delivering a high Quality of Experience (QoE).

“The breadth of Verizon network services and solutions coupled with the Zixi SDVP creates a winning combination of transport services, reliability and ease of use,” said Tim Stevens, global leader, strategic innovation, media & entertainment, Verizon. “By collaborating with a complex, next-generation provider like Zixi we are able to provide complex, next-generation solutions across the ecosystem enabling Verizon to deliver on our mission to help organisations improve performance and realise value faster.”

“Working closely with Verizon, we are bringing the industry an excellent 5G solution for live linear and event-based video use cases,” said Eric Bolten, VP business development, Zixi. “The Verizon/Zixi solution set is a comprehensive Software-Defined Video Network fabric that coupled with Verizon’s world-class MEC network, allows media and entertainment customers a reliable and scalable offering across the media supply-chain as the live video market continues to rapidly evolve.”

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