Hitomi’s Matchbox Glass syncs audio, video


Hitomi Glass

Matchbox Glass is an iOS app designed for fast and precise remote lip-sync measurement

Hitomi has released MatchBox Glass, an iOS app designed for fast and precise remote lip-sync measurement.

Used on location at the point of content capture, Glass takes its measurement from in front of the camera and through the microphones in the same way as the live action. The production unit in the MCR or OB truck can then rapidly align audio and video measurements using the MatchBox Analyser.

The signals generated by the app are quickly analysed and any alignment issues can be corrected, Hitomi said. Additional checks further down the chain can be run using test patterns generated by the MatchBox Generator. Not only can audio to video be aligned but also audio to audio and video to video. When MatchBox measures zero difference, perfect timing has been achieved and the audience will hear what it sees.

Hitomi claims the app takes guesswork out of the equation, replacing subjective estimates with accurate, electronic test audio and video generators along with an analyser.

Glass is now available to download free-of-charge from the Apple app store and Hitomi is offering a free 30-day trial of the licence required to use the app on the MatchBox Analyser.

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