Tedial boosts Capture Manager UI with ingest and scheduling tools

Tedial has announced a new version of its web-based HTML5 Capture Manager scheduling UI. Available for the Evolution MAM, Capture Manager provides an agnostic central interface for controlling and monitoring devices as well as advanced ingest features.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, global media companies have turned to remote production tools that enable operators to control ingest anytime, from anywhere

The latest version of Tedial’s Capture Manager includes two tools; the first is for the ingest list. This creates ingest placeholders before an event is recorded.  It allows the production team to be more efficient by creating the scheduling information using the metadata in advance of the event, before the team knows which router will record the event. When the router input has been defined, the system automatically allocates the physical ingest channel. This highly efficient workflow reduces the time spent managing the ingest process and gives greater visibility to what’s coming next.

The second tool orchestrates scheduling using a timeline view, per ingest channel and provides dynamic allocation of ingest channels.  It’s agnostic to third parties and more importantly, to video servers. Servers from different manufacturers can be managed together from the same tool, at the same time allowing customers to leverage their investments.  It also enables connection to traffic systems like Provys or Mediagenix.

Thanks to Tedial’s API, operators can manage an end-to-end ingest workflow. Programme scheduling is created in the traffic system, which allocates a placeholder on the ingest list. Tedial’s Capture Manager tools then automatically control the router and dynamically switch the input at the time of the recording. The combination of the ingest list and ingest scheduling features provides increased production efficiency.

Further key features are integration and interoperability. Tedial Capture Manager seamlessly integrates with most of the videoservers and routers in the market, and in combination with the rest of the Tedial tools can also integrate with external scheduling/traffic systems.

Emilio L. Zapata, chief executive of Tedial said: “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move to remote working across the world. It’s our aim to ensure that broadcasters and content owners have efficient automated, end-to-end workflows that provide a centralised UI for controlling and monitoring devices, significantly improving ingest time management and scheduling visibility.”

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