Cinevideo, a major Italian provider of HD OB vans and SNG services located in Pescara, has purchased the I-MOVIX SprintCam Vvs HD solution, operating at frame rates up to 2,600 fps in 1080i or up to 5,600 fps in 720p and providing instant replay at native HD resolution and image quality. The deal has been closed thanks to I-MOVIX Italian partner: ARET Engineering, offering turnkey video and audio integrated systems for broadcast, satellite, (post)production, and mobile television.

“ARET is partner with I-MOVIX since more than three years as I-MOVIX has the widest possible experience in hyper slomo cameras,” says Alessandro Asti, Vice-President, ARET Engineering. “This first sale in the Italian market is the result of a very professional and mutual cooperation in which we have built the ‘Hyper slomo need’ and let the customer understand how excellent the I-MOVIX products are.”

Cinevideo, which is a service company with several OB vans has grabbed this opportunity to offer its customers the latest hyper slomo technology from I-MOVIX. Cinevideo has just committed ARET to realize an high technology look OB van which will be the high speed camera shell.”

I-MOVIX says SprintCam Vvs HD delivers an unprecedented level of convenience and creativity in ultra-slow-motion action. Aside from providing frame-rate speeds far in excess of other slow-motion systems, SprintCam Vvs HD also offers superior integration into broadcast operations, with a range of features and ease of use optimized for the rigors of demanding broadcast schedules.

“The SprintCam Vvs HD provides ultra slow motion of extraordinary quality with the ease and flexibility of use of a common camera,” says Andrea Buonomo, technical manager at Cinevideo. “It integrates seamlessly with our OB van and I-MOVIX has developed a product with great features that will allow us to provide our customers with spectacular and exclusive images.”

Cinevideo will use the SprintCam ultra slow motion technology mainly for sports broadcasting, and more particularly for the Italia SerieA Football League events. To complete the ultra motion equipment integrated in a dedicated OB Van, Cinevideo also made the acquisition of the EVS XTnano server, and of the new Canon Digisuper 95x optical lens.

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