RAI picks CoralCG for Olympic needs

Italian state broadcaster RAI will use ClassX’s CoralCG platform for graphics needs at the London Olympics

Italian state broadcaster RAI will work with ClassX, headquartered in Santa Marie a Monte (near Pisa), for all graphics needs related to the London 2012 Olympics.

RAI and ClassX worked together on the past two Olympic games, but this year’s coverage will see 3D and live, animated 3D graphics built using the new CoralCG platform.

“We have created a new software which is as bright as our customers’ imagination, capable of great surprises in every detail,” says Alessandro Messineo, customer support and sales for ClassX. “This is what we think the graphics of the future today.”

The company develops innovative 2D/3D character-generator solutions for the postproduction, broadcast, and television industry. Solutions range from database-driven graphics templates creation, instant on-air graphics, or audio/video playout with limitless 2D/3D layers.

“We always develop our products with the power of passion and technology,” adds Messineo. “We have put life into new ideas, firmly believing in innovation and continuing to grow following increasingly challenging targets. This is our mission.”

During the London 2012 Olympic Games, RAI will use CoralCG, a product conceived for titles and caption insertion with 3D graphics, in every sport program and event.

“And not only to the usual captions but also the charts, live and real-time results, information points, video inserts with 3D animation stings, signature tunes, station breaks, and animated insert graphics of every kind,” explains Messineo. “All this is made possible by the advanced 3D functions integrated in CoralCG like animated textures, multilights, 3D-model import, shaders, camera movements, and others.”

Among the top features are the ability to combine animated textures in any format and project as well as support of live 3D inserts into video from files or live sources. And tickers can incorporate images and multicolor texts, auto sequences, interaction with any element, and special effects applied on plug-ins.

The OEM products have been integrated into third-party playout and newsroom systems all around the world by broadcasters including RAI, Mediaset, and Sky in Italy, RSI (Swiss Radiotelevision), ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) in Germany, AlfaIsaliah in Arabia Saudi, VGTRK in Russia, and many others.

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