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Esports Insights: James Dean, ESL

James Dean, the founder and CEO of ESL UK, talks about the convergence of esports with physical sports in the form of mixed reality (XR), outlining and discussing how it could open up new opportunities for how esports content is created, produced and distributed.

Esports Insights: Amanda Lawson, Hang Loose Media Group

Amanda Lawson, the Co-Founder of Hang Loose Media Group, discusses how leagues and federations can reach a new demographic through esports.

Esports Showcase: eSerie A

Infront Italy Head of Digital Projects Andrea Mariani takes a deep dive into e-Serie A, the Italian league affiliated tournament based around the FIFA video game developed by EA Sports, highlighting the origins of the partnership, how coverage of the events and matches are produced and distributed, and discussing the challenges faced.

Thought Leader Perspectives – Technology innovation in esports production

Esports production has a number of unique requirements and, as the industry grows, service providers, developers and manufacturers are responding with tools and technology to solve those demands. In this session, Charles Conroy, VP of Gaming at The Switch, John Carter, Director of Business Development Live & Sports (EMEA) Grass Valley, Mark Davies, Director of Products and Technology, TSL Products and Jamie Brewer, Head of Broadcast & Post-Production Rental at Gravity Media, will provide thought leadership on the esports market and how their solutions can help to enhance esports production.

Esports Insights: Michael D’Hulst, Super League Triathlon

Michael D’hulst, CEO and Co-Founder of Super League Triathlon, shines a light on the Arena Games Triathlon, a dynamic new esports format that blends real-life and virtual racing to deliver an immersive viewing experience.