Exclusive fan experience webinar with Layer0 by Limelight

About the webinar

Sports fans may be more loyal to their clubs and teams than the average shopper is to their favourite brand – but how confident are you that are you rewarding them with the best possible online experience?

Hear from web performance experts Charlie Russell and Paul Feltham as they present new solutions to identify and fix website roadblocks and show why investing in the health of your website can bring game-changing results.

You will learn, and get answers to, the following:

  • How to have visibility technically and commercially to make sure your online business is running as optimally as possible
  • Where are my customer bottlenecks and why?
  • What is the revenue opportunity for my business if my online business was to load faster?
  • How much revenue has my business made or lost from new business decisions or changes I make?

And last but not least we will run through a case study to show the impact a fast loading website can have on your bottom line.

The webinar will start at 2pm UK time and will last for approximately 45 minutes.

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