SVG Connect FAQs

What is SVG Connect?
SVG Connect is an attendee directory that enables people who have registered to attend an SVG Europe event to send text-based messages to each other before, during and after the event.

How do I register for SVG Connect?
Registration for SVG Connect is included as part of the sign-up process for an SVG Europe event. Even if you have previously registered with SVG Connect in the US, you will still need to register for the European SVG Connect.

How does SVG Connect work?
SVG Connect is designed to bring SVG Europe event attendees together by allowing them to message each other before, during and after events. When you log in to the Main Stage page to watch an event you’ll see a button entitled SVG Connect under the media player. Click on this and SVG Connect will open in a new tab. From here you can search the attendee directory by name, company, technology interest or industry category to find people with relevant interests that you want to connect with. Click on the Message button and you can start a private conversation. The recipient will receive an email and an alert in their My Messages section of SVG Connect. When they respond you’ll also receive an email and an alert in My Messages. Keeping SVG Connect open alongside the event recording window means you won’t miss any messages that come in live.

How do I know if I have received a message?
You’ll receive an email and an alert in My Messages.

How do I login once I’ve registered?
Visit the login page and enter the username and password you chose when you registered for SVG Connect.

What if I forget my SVG Connect password?
You can reset your password from the SVG Connect login page, or follow the link provided in the registration confirmation email. If you’re still struggling, contact [email protected]

What are the benefits of registering for SVG Connect?
SVG Connect is a great way to start conversations during online events. It is designed to bring attendees together, help them to develop new connections and encourage some of the interaction that has been missing from virtual events.

Do I have to use SVG Connect in order to attend events?
No. SVG Connect is an additional tool that will help you get more from our events, but you can continue to attend without using it, simply register as normal.

Is my data safe with SVG Connect?
Yes, SVG Europe complies fully with GDPR regulations and all conversations held via SVG Connect remain entirely private.

Will my personal details be shared with other SVG Connect users?
No. Any communications you have in SVG Connect will remain within SVG Connect. The other party will not see any of your personal contact details.

Who do I contact if I’d like more information about SVG Connect?
Please contact Livvy Maule-ffinch, Audience Development Manager, at [email protected].