Future SPORT 2020 Programme

What is FutureSPORT 2020?

A specially convened online event, presented by SVG Europe and sponsored by Panasonic, taking place over three days, that will examine how sports broadcasting and production will develop and evolve over the coming 12-18 months. 

What subjects will be covered?

Seen through the prism of 2020, FutureSPORT will concentrate on three key parts of the sports broadcasting chain: In the Stadium and In the Gallery; Presentation and On-screen; and Contribution and Distribution. Each of the 90-minute sessions will consider the current challenges and opportunities and look to draw some conclusions about where the industry will be this time next year, and beyond. Likely topics for discussion will include remote production, 5G, HDR, 8K, augmented reality and more.

All sessions will be in English – timings are UK time

*Schedule subject to change

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