LiveU Sports

Enrich your sports productions and bring your fans closer to the action with the highest-quality, reliable and cost-effective live IP video solutions. With over 5,000 customers in 150 countries, including the world’s top sports broadcasters, production companies, federations, and teams, LiveU is shaping the future of live video, powering video production workflows and cloud services.

LiveU is an expert in end-to-end remote production (REMI) workflows for sustainable live sports productions. Leveraging our IP technology to reduce travel, power and equipment costs, we help to lower your organisation’s carbon footprint – while enabling you to produce high-quality content in the cloud.

Go live from anywhere with a simple set-up. Our portable 5G 4K live video solutions are suitable for every type of sporting event – on the ground, water and in the air. LiveU’s solutions allow you to cover the action from anywhere, and reach a wider audience, at a fraction of the cost of traditional transmission methods.
Our end-to-end cloud video production solutions range from our multi-cam 5G production-level field units and mobile app to our next-gen cloud-based management, orchestration ingest, and IP distribution solutions.

Used by leading sports broadcasters and organisations (federations, associations, teams, leagues, production houses etc.), the LiveU Matrix IP cloud distribution solution enables you to expand your reach, boost viewership and create new monetisation opportunities – for a fraction of the cost of satellite and fibre.

LiveU Remote Production – In Action

LiveU delivers an end-to-end solution for live remote production (REMI) with the highest-quality, reliable live IP video transmission and distribution solutions.