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The Football Social – Using YouTube and social media to attract and engage non-linear football fans

Nursery Pavilion, Lord's Cricket Ground 22nd May 2019 1:25 pm - 1:50 pm

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Ian Brash

Sky Sports’ ‘The Football Social’ is a football chat show that is streamed live on both Soccer AM and Football Daily’s YouTube Channels. Developed for a new generation of viewer that wants to interact with, and be engaged by, their football coverage, the fan-led reactive programme has been described as ‘Soccer Saturday for the social generation’. With the help of some top guests in the form of current and ex-players, YouTubers and comedians, as well as social-led questions from fans watching at home, the show’s producers have created a unique and entertaining product for viewers that has quickly become one of Sky’ most talked about and popular content strands.

The session will take into account both the editorial and production considerations for the branded content series, discuss its origins, purpose, successes and challenges, and, linking in a contributor from another part of Lord’s using live streaming technology, outline how specific elements of the programme are produced.


  • Chris Hamill, Presenter
  • Ian Brash, Sky Sports, Technical Manager