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Interactive, Social, Instant: How BBC Sport is Targeting a New Generation of Sports Fan

Nursery Pavilion, Lord's Cricket Ground 22nd May 2019 3:10 pm - 3:30 pm

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Amy Williams

There was a time when simply broadcasting pictures and sound from a sporting event to a TV set was sufficient to delight viewers. Now, in the digital world, younger viewers in particular, expect virtual experiences, social interaction and instant access on a myriad of devices and platforms. This means that broadcasters have to work harder and smarter – offering more engaging, relevant and personalised ways of showing and developing their sports coverage. In this session, Younger Audiences Editor Amy Williams will outline how and why BBC Sport is reacting to these changes, detailing some recent projects and providing insight into the technological and editorial innovations that are helping to attract a new generation of sports fan.

  • Speaker: Amy Williams, BBC Sport, Younger Audiences Lead