You can now watch recordings of the sessions and interviews from Sports Audio Summit 2022.

Inside esports audio with Riot Games’ Project Stryker

Alex Rybalko, Project Stryker’s Lead Engineer, gives us the inside track on the sound of Project Stryker and how it is working to bring about a new paradigm of esports production in a cloud-enabled workflow.

A message from Veritone

Immersive audio in sports broadcasting: the opportunities and challenges

NEP Deputy Head Of Sound Neville Hooper talks to Genelec’s Andy Bensley about the practicalities of working with Atmos for Sky Sports’ football broadcasts, and what qualities NEP demand from their loudspeaker monitoring systems.

Exploring the sound of sports production virtualisation in the cloud

Our panellists take a closer look at what the cloud offers today for audio in sports broadcasting, what is being deployed in Europe, how it is driving manufacturers’ product roadmaps, and where audio stands in this virtual future.

A message from Studer/Evertz

Behind the immersive sound of the Summer and Winter Olympics with OBS

Nuno Duarte, sound design and audio manager at Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), presents the concepts and technologies behind the immersive audio output at the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Tech update: Audio Technica 8.0 Microphone and IP tech technology concepts

With Rodrigo Thomaz, Project Manager, Broadcast Partnerships, Audio Technica

Investigating the rise of immersive audio in sports broadcasting

Panellists discuss how the sports broadcasting community is scaling up immersive audio.

Tech update: Salsa Sound world first automated Mpeg-H demo of true object-based audio

With Ben Shirley, Salsa Sound, Co-founder & Director

A message from Lawo

Evolving sports audio into 2023 and beyond

Our audio experts explore what they feel are the most exciting and disruptive technologies and ways of working in sports broadcasting today. They take an in-depth look at how these technologies will not only lead and innovate the sound of the live production of sport, but also challenge the world of audio in this cutting-edge industry going forwards into 2023 and beyond.