Entry Notes and Advice

Read the category criteria ✔

All entries will be judged on the points set out in the category criteria. Entrants will need to use the entry form and any supporting material to convince the judges that their submission should be shortlisted, using the category criteria as the basis for their submission. Any submission not meeting the category criteria or failing to provide suitable information is unlikely to be successful.

Provide compelling evidence ✔

Judges will be looking for tangible and coherent evidence and/or data that backs up any claims made within the submission. Quotes from partners or customers and verified statistics and data are all welcome and encouraged.

Use multi-media content wisely ✔

Video submissions are welcome, especially if they highlight the benefit to the viewer or the industry. Equally, ‘behind the scenes’ or ‘making of’ elements can be used to provide greater insight. Please be sure to provide acknowledgement for any elements of a submission that is not your own work or is not a direct part of your submission. Eg World Feeds, on-screen graphics.