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Boxing Clever: Achieving High Production Values on Lower Profile Sports

DeLaMar Theater 12th September 2019 4:25 pm - 4:55 pm

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Peer Seitz
Jamie Hindhaugh
Claire Wilkie

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Not every sport has the production budget of a Premier League or Champions League football match. But, with advances in media technology and services, that needn’t be a barrier to achieving high production values or making the live coverage of niche and lower profile sports affordable. To illustrate this point, a panel of representatives from broadcasters and production companies discusses how to put additional value on screen, provides tips on making budgets stretch further and offers up suggestions for adding production polish that attracts, engages and maintains viewers.


  • Claire Wilkie, Founder and MD, Wilkie TV
  • Jamie Hindhaugh, BT Sport, Chief Operating Officer
  • Peer Seitz, Infront, Head of Production
  • Chair: Will Strauss, SVG Europe, Editor