DAZN’s Caroline Ewerton, vice president of production services (acting), quotes author Elizabeth Gilbert to describe her approach to seizing and making career opportunities in sports broadcasting: “perfection is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat.”

“I absolutely love and always quote that because it’s so true,” she says. “Perfection is the enemy of ‘possible’ and the learning process never ends anyway, so why wait for confidence?”

“Taking a job in a pure sport company can be an intimidating move for women but go for it and learn on the job,” continues Ewerton. “You can never be fully prepared for anything in life and the job is the best teacher you will ever have. Actively seek opportunities and embrace those that come to you without fear of not knowing enough about sports.”

“The glass ceiling is real but it’s also limiting and discouraging, so I had to keep smashing through the unconscious bias, leaving behind the doubt and sense of inadequacy”

Ewerton ended up in a career in the sports field of broadcasting by accident more than intention, but she loves the environment she has found herself succeeding in. “I didn’t actually seek a career in live sport, it just sort of happened, but I must confess there is a real buzz about working in a live sport environment! Ultimately everything we do is for the benefit of delivering great, engaging content to our customers – the sport fans – and for them there is nothing better than watching it live. The rewards outweigh the challenges we face in live production and we’ll always aim to deliver the best customer experience.”

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