When her brother, the former Dutch international footballer Arnold Bruggink, was interviewed at home by the press when she was in her early 20s, Martiene Bruggink got her first taste of journalism in action and saw her career path spreading out before her.

Bruggink, who is now a freelancer in editorial and production working for ESPN, UEFA, and The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), says about that fateful day: “My brother was a professional football player, and a journalist [from Canal+] visited our home for a video about him.

“I love live sports, and always have loved it. For myself, I love working on events. Something that has a beginning and an end. The red light goes on and as of that time you have to be focussed and sharp. And when the lights go off, it is done”

“At that time we started to talk, and after a few months he phoned me (and my twin sister Hilde,) to see if we were interested in a job at Canal+. It felt great as of the first moment; exactly what I have always wanted.”

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