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To get more women from the sports broadcasting industry on stage at industry events – both physical and virtual – throughout Europe, and beyond. We can all be part of making sure women’s voices are heard everywhere. Support yourself, support women, and let’s make change happen!

Broadcasting Partners

SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner has the support of its Sports Broadcasting Partners throughout Europe. These broadcasters are expanding the Speakers Corner database of potential speakers inestimably by creating a network that we can ask to help fulfil speaker requirements.


Our partners are:


What is Speakers Corner?

SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner is an initiative from SVG Europe Women that is designed to help get more women on stages – both physical and virtual – via its managed, secure database of female speakers. Women from any aspect of sports broadcasting, with considerable, little or no experience of speaking publicly, can sign up to the database to be a potential speaker. Event organisers who are looking to ensure they show a good representation of the sports broadcasting industry on their panels can contact SVG Europe Women to see if we have a match for their speaker requirements.


Why should I sign up to the database?

You should volunteer to come onto the Speakers Corner database no matter what your level of public speaking experience is. You may think that getting on a stage or on screen to talk is a daunting prospect, but it is important to have more women represented on panels as speakers. It is our duty to get on stage and have our voices heard, and it also adds to your self confidence, as well as your CV. 

How does it work?


Why should I see if Speakers Corner has a speaker for me?

Speakers Corner is a free service designed to get the voices of more women from the sports broadcasting industry heard publicly. As an event organiser, all you need to do is contact us with the details of your panel and speaker requirement, as well as the date, time, and location. We will then scour our database and if necessary contact our Sports Broadcasting Partners to find a match for you.

Once we find appropriate matches, we will contact those potential speakers to see if they are interested in the opportunity, and available. If they are, you will be introduced via email to discuss the opportunity further, independently. If you go on to use the speaker we have sourced for you at your event, the only requirement is that you use the SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner logo on your advertising, marketing and other available materials. What’s not to like?


Sign up to the SVG Europe Women Speakers Corner database today!


If you are interested in seeing if Speakers Corner can help you address your speaker needs at your event, please contact:

Heather McLean
Internal head of SVG Europe Women and editor, SVG Europe
[email protected]
Tel: +44 7986 473 520