You can now view recordings of the speaker sessions from FutureSPORT 2022, sponsored by Panasonic Connect.


Opening remarks

Nigel Wilkes, Panasonic Connect ProAV & Broadcast Sales Manager UK & Ireland, provides opening remarks at SVG Europe’s FutureSPORT 2022 at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

Sports Media Consumption in 2023 and beyond

IABM Head of Knowledge Lorenzo Zanni sets the scene for the conference with a presentation outlining the changing face of sports media consumption and what it means for people working in production, broadcasting and technology provision and development.

Case study: AR in cycling coverage

Frank Temmerman, Boost Graphics, Head of Department, offers up a case study on the use of AR and AI in coverage of the sport of cycling.

Keynote interview: Sanjit Sarkar, TikTok

In a special fireside chat, TikTok strategic partner manager for sport Sanjit Sarkar discusses the short-form video platform’s relationship and relevance to sport, its audience and its place in the live and on-demand sports market before moving on to best practice for content creation and how sports broadcasters, federations and other rights holders and owners and brands can successfully make use of the platform, and what they can learn from what others do. The conversation is then broadened out to look at how the platform and the landscape of sports broadcasting and consumption via mobile might evolve in the coming months and years.

The only way is up – Creating sports content for mobile

As more and more people watch live and post-produced sport on TikTok and other mobile-first apps and services, this session explores best practice when it comes to creating content for portable devices. After examining and showcasing recorded content for mobile, the conversation turns to the logical next step: live 9:16, discussing the storytelling, workflow and technical considerations with those that have been there and done it, and those considering it.

NB/ Due to copyright restrictions, the content from Premier League Productions that was shown at the event has been removed from this recording.



EVS – XtraMotion

Women’s sport on TV – Plotting the endgame

Women’s sport on TV is currently riding the crest of a wave. Impressive viewing figures for the Women’s UEFA Euro final, the WSL, the Hundred and a recent all-female boxing bill, illustrate that. But while everyone is enjoying the ride, what else can be done to improve the way that women’s sport is shown and portrayed on TV and online? In this session, speakers explore women’s sport’s current place and importance in the market and how women’s sport coverage could (and should) evolve in the coming months and years, and what the endgame looks like.



Thought Leader Perspectives – Connectivity

Ahead of the connectivity session that follows, specially selected SVG Europe sponsors provide their own insight into the contribution challenges faced by the broadcast industry and offer up potential solutions.



The Switch

The future of media connectivity: Telcos meet Broadcasters

In an effort to smooth the connectivity path for broadcasters, this session sees representatives from both telecoms firms and media companies come together to try to solve some of the big contribution and distribution challenges, from installing ad hoc fibre networks and dealing with spikes in demand, to securing broadcast specific 5G network space and disaster recovery.



Thought Leader Perspectives – MAM

Specially selected SVG Europe sponsors provide their insight into the MAM challenges faced by the sports broadcasting sector and offer up potential solutions.



NEP with GV’s LDX 150: The benefits of IP for remote production

Into the sporting metaverse

Virtual and augmented realities are rapidly changing the boundaries we create within our lives, but what does it mean for the sports media industry? In this panel, experts discuss (and debate) a future where avatars may rule, virtual worlds will be as important as the real world, and whether it is a fad or here to stay – sharing what they have done so far, what they have learnt, and what happens next.



FutureSPORT 2022, sponsored by Panasonic Connect, took place at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London on 15 November.