About Behind The Lens

SVG Europe Women, in partnership with Aurora, NEP and QTV, has created a series of educational videos that reveal the jobs Behind the Lens in sports broadcasting.

Simple, clear, entertaining, informative


Behind the Lens is a series of free videos that showcase some of the amazing job opportunities available in sports broadcasting – and indeed the wider TV broadcasting market – to an audience that could be anyone from a child of 11 to a university student.

The aim is to inspire young people by showing them the diverse array of possible job roles in this very exciting market that is always hungry for new talent.

Every person featured in these short films has explained what they do, how they work with the rest of their team, how they got into the job, and – importantly – what they love about it.


Sports broadcasting is part of the live television sector, which also includes news, entertainment and special events. There are hundreds of job roles within this fantastic area, from technical to creative and everything in between.

However, many people – young and old – have no idea what these jobs are or what they entail. Behind the Lens has been created to reveal what some of the key jobs in sports broadcasting are, how to get into the area, and why working in live broadcasting is great – in a simple, clear, entertaining and informative way.


The Behind the Lens series is for use by individuals, the industry and educators – school teachers, university and college lecturers – as a completely free resource to use however it is needed.

Behind the Lens is suitable for the curious to browse through on their own, and for secondary school pupils to university (ages 11 years to 22-plus) to learn about some of the most exciting job roles in live sports production from the people who are actually working in it today.


Each video can be viewed individually or in a special 20-minute long full-length cut of them all.

You can watch Behind the Lens straight from this website, on YouTube or Vimeo, or they can be downloaded for use in the classroom if preferred.

All we ask is that you take advantage of this amazing free resource to show young people what is going on Behind the Lens – the opportunities are endless!

To find out more about SVG Europe women go to: https://www.svgeurope.org/women/