What to do next

If you have been inspired by these Behind The Lens videos, here are some suggestions for what to do next.

Next steps

Think about what you really want from your career – is it travel, staying at home with family, or a mixture of both? Is it high pressure for short bursts of time, or planning and research, is it live sports or post-production?

Are you a technical person? A creative person? A planning person? A research person? A different kind of person?

There are many jobs in sports broadcasting, live entertainment and beyond, from those featured in the Behind the Lens videos, to more in the word cloud below, to others that span across all industries from marketing and graphics to public relations and human resources.

You have a lot of options and opportunities to get into sports broadcasting. Fresh new talent is in huge demand. You just need to focus, make a plan, and push hard.

If you are at school, consider these points:

If you are in further education, consider these points as well as those above:

Top Tips!

  1. Take responsibility for your own career. Make a plan and push towards your goals. However, bear in mind that you will change your mind about the direction of your career as you gain more experience, so be open to that and accept it. Be flexible.
  2. If people ask you to contact them, follow up with them. They are offering you their time, advice and experience, so take it.
  3. Grab all the opportunities you create because you never know what doors might open!