Aspera To Demo FASP Platform in Solutions for Media-Tech Companies

Aspera (Booth SL9110) will showcase new joint solutions in which its FASP platform has been directly integrated into media-technology companies’ and cloud-service providers’ digital asset management, content distribution, media management, and media processing to achieve fast, distance-neutral transfer of digital content.

IBM will be on hand to demonstrate its joint solutions powered by Aspera FASP high-speed–transport technology.

5th Kind has integrated Aspera transfer capability into its CORE secure collaboration, communication, and asset-management platform to ensure that users can quickly and easily submit and transfer digital assets from any network distance into its content workflows.

Akamai has embedded the FASP software directly into its NetStorage cloud to create Aspera Upload Acceleration, a new offering for ultra-fast and efficient bulk data transfer of large digital libraries, files, and other content into its globally distributed cloud-based storage. The integration enables customers to achieve throughput multiple times higher than traditional transfer protocols while virtually eliminating the negative effects of distance, delay, and packet loss between the customer’s upload location and the NetStorage location. This significantly reduces the time required to make time-sensitive content, high-quality video files, and large content libraries available for delivery using the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

FilmTrack has built on Aspera’s Direct-to-Cloud storage transfer capability in its cloud-based content- and rights-management solution suite and powers full-scale delivery of high-bandwidth files, such as ProRes screeners, mezzanine files, and even digital master-class assets.

Fortium Technologies has integrated its MediaSeal encryption directly into the Aspera Faspex solution for collaborative media exchange and distribution to streamline customer workflows that depend on end-to-end content protection. The integration allows content owners to apply Fortium’s MediaSeal encryption at the same time they are distributing content via Faspex, removing a step from the process while ensuring essential content security.

Grass Valley has integrated Aspera FASP directly into GV Stratus workflows. As a result, the GV Stratus video-production and content-management system offers dramatic improvements in how digital media is transferred to and from the GV Stratus-based production platform, with FASP file transfers achieving speeds up to hundreds of times faster than conventional TCP-based technologies, with guaranteed delivery time regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions.

IBM and RAI have integrated Aspera Direct-to-Cloud storage-transfer capability and Aspera Orchestrator into Active Media Store, a new resilient, intelligent, and scalable cloud storage solution for media objects with middleware from RAI that adapts the low-level APIs of the system to ease implementation of media workflows.

Kaltura has integrated the Aspera server software and Connect browser client to enable high-speed ingest of large digital-media files directly to Kaltura’s video platform, shortening the time it takes to ingest, transform, and publish content to any Website or mobile application.

MediaSilo has integrated its cloud-based collaboration and asset-management platform with Aspera server software and the Connect browser client for easy, fast, efficient content upload and sharing.

Primestream has integrated Aspera FASP into its Xchange Suite Web-based digital-asset–management platform, enabling users to deliver content directly and efficiently to their production and playout environment and to transfer media at high speed between multiple Xchange sites via browser-based downloads. Benefits include ease of operation, increased quality of service, faster workflows, and added functionality in remotely connected environments.

SilverTrak Digital has integrated Aspera Connect Server and Aspera Orchestrator into its Media Room media-asset–management system for all worldwide asset file transfers, enabling users to quickly and securely upload content and send broadcast files globally from its infrastructure in Australia.

Telestream has collaborated with Aspera to deliver new levels of integration between the Telestream Vantage software-enabled media-processing platform and Aspera FASP using the Aspera FASPStream API. The seamless integration provides secure, reliable, bidirectional high-speed transfer of media and metadata files ingested, processed and delivered through any Vantage workflow regardless of size, distance, or network condition, and enables the Vantage platform to interactively browse, upload, and download media files with any Aspera Server end point.

Vizrt will present a solution that combines its Viz One media-asset–management system with Aspera server software running directly on IBM SoftLayer, a high-performance, scalable cloud infrastructure. The new offering will help broadcasters produce and manage assets throughout their content lifecycle, entirely in the cloud.

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