Tech focus: Bodypacks, part 1 – wireless transmitters reflect RF-industry challenges

They’re small and getting smaller. They’re designed to be virtually invisible. They’re light enough to be measured in ounces and grams instead of pounds and kilos. But wireless bodypack transmitters have become both central to audio capture for broadcast sports and emblematic of the broader changes in the wireless environment.  More

Raising the bar: AJA tracking the technology trends driving the sports fan experience into the future

By Bryce Button, director of product marketing, AJA Video Systems As more fans returned to stadiums and arenas worldwide this past year, sports leagues, broadcasters and technology developers came together to elevate the spectator experience in-venue as well as for fans watching from afar. Innovation came in the form of higher quality match broadcasts and […]  More

Forgotten stepchild: Telos Alliance questions whether audio is getting left behind again in the cloud production race

By Martin Dyster, vice president of business development, Telos Alliance For those of us intrepid souls who have made a career in broadcast audio, we’ve often felt like we are the forgotten stepchild of the industry. Whether it is the division of the capital equipment budget for a new project, or a drive towards a […]  More

Cloud gazing: The Switch on utilising the full capabilities of the cloud for live sports production in 2022

By Peter Timmons, senior product manager, The Switch Look back on the evolving role of the cloud within live sports production over the past three years and it becomes clear this method’s growth has been nothing short of spectacular. Many in the industry would have predicted another decade before broadcasters and other rightsholders commonly deployed […]  More

Bring on the future: Lawo on the trends and drivers behind the direction of IP and the cloud for audio and video in 2022

By Andreas Hilmer, chief marketing officer, Lawo It never ceases to amaze me how quickly humans are able to adapt to new paradigms when positive action is the only alternative to falling by the wayside. In 2020, many broadcasters and service providers had to come up with – as far as they were concerned – […]  More

Wind in the sails: Riedel Communications on transforming the viewing experience of the 36th America’s Cup

By Tim Puschkeit, senior project manager, Riedel Communications Production and coverage of the 36th America’s Cup race series early in 2021 redefined the model and technologies used both to manage complex live events and to bring those events to viewers in more immersive and engaging formats. Contested on the inner Hauraki Gulf off Auckland, New […]  More

Sounds challenging: Glensound on 2021 trends and the challenge to find components extending into 2022

By Marc Wilson, managing director, Glensound As an audio design and manufacturing company, the pandemic has not only affected the trends in the usage of products in broadcast, but also our core business operations as procurement has become the most significant challenge in just being able to provide finished products. Off-tube commentary had largely been utilised […]  More

Artificially intelligent: Salsa Sound on harnessing the power of the data in our audio sensors

By Rob Oldfield, co-founder and CEO, Salsa Sound We rely on sensors so much these days, whether that be for temperature, speed, distance, heartrate and more, but often-times we fail to recognise the high volume of contextual data that is available through microphones. Historically we have viewed microphones only as sound capture devices, but they […]  More