Lean and Mean Audio renews Bronze SVG Europe sponsorship as LAMA Connect and LAMA Mix are officially released

Dutch start-up Lean and Mean Audio (Lama) has renewed its Bronze sponsorship of SVG Europe for another year.

The move comes at a busy time for the company as it has recently officially released v1.0 of the LAMA Connect software audio patch bay and protocol converter and of LAMA Mix, a software audio mixer for broadcast, pro-AV and streaming.

LAMA Connect embraces diverse sources and targets, including ASIO drivers, VST plugins, NDI streams and WebRTC streams, and brings together multiple applications through a virtual ASIO driver that maintains audio integrity without introducing any latency. 

Inspired by the vision to replace traditional 19in racks, LAMA Connect will also support MIDI data and OSC data transmissions between its instances. This enhancement will facilitate efficient control data routing from on-premise to cloud-based audio solutions. On a longer timeline, the roadmap for LAMA Connect includes the integration of SRT streams, 2110 and video capabilities for audio embedding and de-embedding. 

LAMA Connect also opens up new possibilities with the capacity to embed up to 256 channels of audio into an NDI stream (255 when using NDI bridge). This technology allows for effortless audio routing between various locations using NDI bridge. 

Lama Mix is equally at home running on a local computer or in the cloud. Hands-on hardware control is available through Mackie controllers and it features all the routing options, flexibility and scalability of a hardware mixing desk. LAMA Mix also has the option to include the functionality of the company’s MixAssist solution, enabling fast assisted mixing, which can be especially useful when mixing with higher latency cloud mixes. 

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