Preferred Research Partner: IABM

About IABM

IABM is an independent, international organisation that connects and supports the entire MediaTech ecosystem. IABM helps make sense of the digital transformation happening in the Broadcast, Media & Entertainment technology landscape. We are the trusted, effective and influential source for business intelligence, engagement and skills development. We connect, share knowledge and promote collaboration.

IABM MediaTech Intelligence

As the leading provider of insight and analysis in broadcast and media, the IABM Business Intelligence Unit creates a wide range of business-enhancing reports for members, including Buying Trends and Supply Trends Analyses, Strategic Industry Analyses, Regional Reports, Content Chain Trends Reports, Technology Adoption Trackers and Sector Reports including Sports – a major driver of innovation in MediaTech. We also produce one-off Special Reports on areas of emerging interest.

IABM Bespoke Research

IABM also produces bespoke reports for its members. Pricing for these reports generally depends on exclusivity and requirements.

These studies generally rely on ad-hoc qualitative and/or quantitative research, including expert interviews and/or survey evidence, conducted by IABM.

An example of a bespoke research project carried out by IABM is the analysis of cloud operating models in media factories. This research, which relied on both a survey and a series of interviews, was published through an online interactive report.

Our methodology

Before carrying out a bespoke research project, IABM will conduct a short workshop to fully understand the research requirements. The workshop would aim to identify:

  • Main business objectives: what does the company want to get out of the project? What will be the main use cases for the data and information gathered as part of the project?
  • Research sources and methodology: what methodology is the best to reach the research objectives? Do we conduct interviews with media companies, a bespoke survey, or both?
  • Research deliverables: these include various formats depending on the sources. If a survey is used in the project, IABM can even create a portal for you to explore/filter the data by yourself (i.e., self-service analytics model), along with a report and executive summary summarising the results. We can also include the delivery of an event (internal or public) as part of your bespoke package as well.


If you are interested in finding out more about IABM’s research services, do get in touch.